Saturday, February 15, 2014

Incendiary Musings: The Intro

             A new blog is just like every other blank page, waiting to be filled. I’ve gone through two now. Never complete, but running out of steam like a novel without a plot. Characters without themes die, though technically they were never alive at all. And now I’ve killed two.
So it’s time to try again. Thanks to MattWalsh , I was inspired to start it over, and this time attempt something a little different. Peel it back; unplug the instruments, and let the music play for itself, so to speak. Acoustify (second paragraph in, and I’ve already invented a new word). Trim off the gadgets, the pictures, the cool layouts, scrap all the ornaments and see if the tree is still pretty underneath. Who knows, maybe it won’t be. But if it’s not, then I don’t belong in the tree business anyway.
So here’s to having another go at it, but this time a bit differently. Content. Quality. Two things I am not very good at. A challenge. No more fully-auto, no more suppressive fire. Time to dial it back. Sniper-School. With words. Time to think harder, be deeper, and burn brighter.
Which, in turn, brings me to the new name. Incendiary Musings.
While I wish that I could take credit for this stroke of literary genius, I can’t. That goes completely to a Tweet I read from John Piper:

RT (@JohnPiper): "My heart grew hot within me. As I mused, the fire burned; then I spoke." Psalm 39:3 Our calling: incendiary musing.

Incendiary Musing. To ponder until we catch on fire. To admire until we are consumed. To be scorched and burned and incinerated by something greater than ourselves. And then, once consumed, to speak of the fire we have touched. Tried though I might, I couldn’t think of a better name than that.
So now that credit is given where credit is due, and now that a clear purpose has been stated, it’s time to sign off on the prologue and start the book. (No one reads the prologues anyway.)


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  1. Hey! People DO read the prolouges! :) Looking forward to reading your posts, hopefully more frequently than before. ;)