Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Human Café Kickstarter Launch!

An Announcement 

Hey everybody! As many of you already are aware, I have been working for a long time now on a book called The Human Café. But as a few of you might know, that since completing the first few drafts, I’ve been looking for a means of pursuing publication. Well, announcement time:
I found a publisher!
Or rather, I have found a way to become my own publisher. I am seriously thrilled to make the step into the published world, to actually get books printed in the very near future and get them into all of your hands!
That said, there is only one catch between that goal and my current status:
In order to print and ship all the copies I will need, I’m going to need a little support from any of you who have enjoyed reading my writing, anyone interested in the book or just interested in helping me out!
I have a really awesome opportunity through Kickstarter to make raising the funds quick and convenient for you in the best way possible! There are pre-arranged pledge options lined up for easy gifting, and for any gift of $25 dollars or more, you put your name on the top of the list to receive a printed book, the moment they’re available!
You can read more about all of this at my kickstarter page by clicking this link: 

There you can also read the story behind the book, a summary, and how you can help to support me on this journey. I am thrilled to be making this step and I am so blessed to have this opportunity! If you feel you are able, any gift of any size would be so massively appreciated and hugely helpful toward reaching the goal.
Please take a few minutes to check out the link, and please consider a few dollars of support! All additional information can be found at the link above, and by clicking the Human Café icon on the righthand column! 
With gratitude and an excessive amount of enthusiasm,
Jeff Miller 

PS. The campaign expires at midnight on New Years Eve! So we have 35 days only to reach the goal or pass it! But I have faith! 

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